September 27, 2023

October is the beginning of the fourth quarter of the calendar year.  October is a time for reflection on what has happened in the prior nine months and is an opportunity to achieve our goals in the last three months of the year. October is when corporate America begins to think about the 2024 Budget.  October is the beginning of Open enrollment for health insurance.  October’s the time to review our personal life, our business’ 2023 budgets, our tax strategy(plans) and retirement plans. Did we hit our goals for 2023? 

Planning is defined as the fundamental capacity to think ahead, deciding in advance what needs to be done, when how and where should it be done, and who should do it.  

Planning has three objectives.   

  1. Deciding in advance what, when, where how and who details. 
  1. To execute a basic managerial function. 
  1. Setting objectives and developing an appropriate course of action to achieve them. 

Planning in all its forms for our “companies of one” are key drivers to our success.  Planning now to determine our option to be an S-Corp for 2024, determine our budget for year 2024, determine our sales and marketing budget (conferences & exhibit to attend) determine the tax consequences of all our plans and actions and determine our retirement plans.  

Planning is our map to success. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Give us a call to get started. 

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