Maintaining your books may not be what you came into the business to do more of, but that's okay! We reconcile your books once a week so you may focus more on the activities you enjoy and less on the ones you don't. Our team is always available whenever you need it.


Spend more time growing your business – 1099 Accountant will be there to make sure that you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping!

1099 Accountant will make sure that your books are in order:

You’re in good hands with 1099 Accountant!



We will maintain precise records of your income and expenses and offer insightful analysis of your company providing you with our online accounting services.


Make the best business decisions with 1099 Accountant’s accounting services!

We’ll help you plan your finances:

We will help you understand your financial reports!

1099 Accountant has the expert financial advice and business solutions for you!


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Tax & Financial Reporting

Tax & Financial Reporting

Using our Online Tax & Financial Reporting, every month, we will create current income statements and balance sheets. And as needed, prepare and file tax returns timely.

Tax & Financial Reporting

Payroll and Contractor management

Payroll and Contractor management

Our Virtual Payroll and Contractor Management will oversee your third-party payroll system and independent contractor vendors to ensure your cost-benefit.

Problems with payroll processing? Make it easy with Gusto and 1099 Accountant!

We will:

Not only that! We will also help you



You needed help that’s why you’re here. 1099 Accountants does not only have accountants as their team but great advisors that will surely help you navigate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an independent contractor or a start-up looking for advice, we will make sure that we offer the best legal structure for consulting.

Your all in one—Advisory!

Business is changing fast. The diverse needs and priorities for you and your business is under constant transformation.  Not every business is identical.  Needs change. The business model changes. Not all goals of business owners are alike. 1099 Accountant and its team take the time to understand what you value most, and then we work to help you achieve it.   Some of our services we can provide:

1099 Accountant is here to make sure we do all we can for your success.

1099 Contractors Reviews

We have been consulting 1099 Accountant for the past two years;

before them, payroll was a time-consuming and painful task. We have found 1099 Accountant to be prompt with questions, incredibly efficient, and insightful in sharing new information that pertains to our business. The most helpful thing is the amount of time and energy that they have saved us. Our only regret is that we did not take advantage of the services that they so competently deliver sooner.

Melanco Inc.

We are a small startup, and we have been using 1099 Accountant for the past 12 months

They respond to queries immediately and are always willing to offer suggestions if there are more effective, efficient, or quick ways for us to conduct our firm. The service is excellent. I would heartily refer them to other entrepreneurs seeking to outsource their bookkeeping needs in a manner that enables them to control their costs while gaining access to excellent guidance.


We were immediately able to get rid of the outdated Excel spreadsheets on which we had relied for too long

Thanks to their superb training and support accounting entries are not only easy to create and reconcile, but also anyone authorized to access the package is able to do so anytime they want and from any location. This is huge bonus for us because it allows management to monitor operations remotely and obtain reports as needed.

Janus Steeve