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We love our Allied Health professionals. We provide online bookkeeping and personal tax advisory services. Some of the more popular health professionals we work with are speech-language pathologists, audiologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and mental health counselors or psychologists. We work with the wellness industry with a Yoga therapist, yogi, Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and others to set up proper books and records for their part-time “gig” or their full-time one-person business. Depending on their needs we will provide the pros and cons of sole proprietorship vs limited liability company (LLC).
We love the “Trades.” We love the fact that you have a truck and a trade, and you may start your own business. 1099 Accountant provides online bookkeeping for independent tradesmen, we provide the resources for HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, and Handyman Services. We like to work with Painters, Tilers, Carpenters, and Plasters and know the importance of workers’ compensation. Working with them to determine the depreciation of their vehicles, mileage rate tax deductions, section 179 for tools and equipment, and for preparing their 1040 schedule C tax return. We discuss the advantages of payroll services for retirement accounts such as SEP, Simple IRA, or Solo401K.
We love the Professional and Consultant Services that are provided in the Architectural, Engineering, Legal and Medical Services. We work hand in hand with the sole practitioner to build their solo private practice. We work with them from start-up or from a provider switch to efficiently run and develop their practice. We work with them to automate and offload some of their non-income-producing work processes. We work with locum tenens physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists. Understanding the lifestyle and tax implications is key to providing accurate personal accounting service.
We love the traditional entrepreneur in the real estate industry, the independent real estate agent or real estate broker, specializing in rental, leasing, and sales. Are you taking the non-traditional route of Airbnb or VRBO? Do you prefer to be a real estate investor with a small portfolio? Property management? Or do you prefer to be in-home flipping? 1099 Accountant is well versed in the tax deductions for real estate. Long-term or short-term gains rules for real estate. For individuals, we can review the taxpayer-involved real estate activities to qualify for a real estate professional tax status and provide guidance for the Form Schedule C or Schedule E.
We love our E-commerce. We provide online accounting and tax services for Shopify and Square. We support the back office with the integration of the accounting system with their online store with Shopify and Square. Work on the profit margins of the online store and review the Cost of Good or Cost of Service to provide an accurate income statement and balance sheet. We reconcile the multitude of payment providers from your online stores to your bank account.


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