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Who We Are

1099 Accountant was established in 2017 to provide online bookkeeping and tax services. The founder, Rick Kouns, has always been passionate about the one-person business. Rick, a serial entrepreneur has always been frustrated that the more traditional accounting firms did not take interest in the non-employer company or the one-person firm. Most of the clients that needed the accounting and tax support would receive Form 1099 NEC, and Form 1099-Misc. or 1099-K. Many freelancers, independent contractors, and “gig” workers did not even know what to do with them or were not aware of the fact that they were indeed their own small businesses.

1099 Accountant was named after the informational Form 1099. Normally, you received a 1099 if your employer or client sees you or your company as an independent contractor. It is an IRS Form 1099 that documents the payments or compensation to you as an individual or a company.



Educate and support a one person company to avail of tax deductions, retirement plans, and perks of big business.


1099 Accountant, Rick, and its online dedicated bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs still hold these values true today. 1099 Accountant is not your typical online accounting and tax service. We want a one-person self-employed business. Nothing is too small a task, such as filling out a Form W-9, or too large to assist in due diligence to buy or sell your business.

Our clients, come from all over the USA and digital nomads abroad. Our dedicated bookkeepers and tax professionals work hard to provide you with the same benefits as large corporations. We provide holistic strategic advice on start-ups, online bookkeeping, online tax planning, and tax preparation. We can discuss the pros and cons of 1099 income and provide the freelancer with the tools to succeed.

why 1099 accountant?


1099 Accountant was created to provide an easy solution for YOU the self-employed, the freelancer, the “gig” worker, the “she boss” and the solopreneur. Our online bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs provide assistance for your business to succeed on YOUR terms.


It is your business; you need to grow it your way. Work the way you want. 1099 Accountant’s online bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs provide you the expertise and business knowledge for you to have a “peace of mind” that you have the support to have timely and accurate business records. We are your partner. Not a commodity. We are your ACCOUNTING department. However, it is YOUR choice.


You have many choices, you have options, and finding the right accountant is hard. We are so confident that you will want 1099 Accountant as YOUR online bookkeeping accounting and tax service, we are telling you who is our competition and why the right decision is 1099 ACCOUNTANT.

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