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We will provide financial reports, prepare and file your taxes, provide solutions to accounting problems and recommend best practices that will help your business.

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They respond to queries immediately and are always willing to offer suggestions if there are more effective, efficient, or quick ways for us to conduct our firm. The service is excellent. I would heartily refer them to other entrepreneurs seeking to outsource their bookkeeping needs in a manner that enables them to control their costs while gaining access to excellent guidance.

Melanco Inc.

before them, payroll was a time-consuming and painful task. We have found 1099 Accountant to be prompt with questions, incredibly efficient, and insightful in sharing new information that pertains to our business. The most helpful thing is the amount of time and energy that they have saved us. Our only regret is that we did not take advantage of the services that they so competently deliver sooner.


Thanks to their superb training and support accounting entries are not only easy to create and reconcile, but also anyone authorized to access the package is able to do so anytime they want and from any location. This is huge bonus for us because it allows management to monitor operations remotely and obtain reports as needed.

Janus Steeve.

We offer special accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services so you can focus on running your business.

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We check data entry errors, reconcile accounts, make necessary adjustments, and do all the possible things to get the work done.


Our strategy involves creating a business account, setting a budget for tax purposes, expense tracking, record maintaining, records organization, and much more.


It is the verification and careful review of your financial information from the fourth quarter of the year through the first quarter of the following year. Year-End Payroll prepares employees and businesses for tax season.


It ensures that all elements of the financial plan work well to reduce tax contributions. Our team reviews all three types of tax planning and selects the one accordingly.


. They are the highest-paid nursing specialty because their work requires a high level of skill, experience, judgment, and knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1099 Accountant loves this client. We want to partner with you to turn that $100K to $200K smartly.

We have companies from all types of industries.
  • Solo practitioners in professional services ranging from legal, medical, engineering, and locum tenens.
  • Trades people from HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Carpenters and others.
  • Real estate brokers, Real Estate Agents, Appraisers’ and Property Managers
  • Allied Health Professionals, Speech Language Patholigists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Mental Health Counselors -Psychologists
  • Wellness Professionals: Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teachers Private Chefs
  • Business Services, Graphic Artists, Marketing Consultants, Business Coaches, Executive Recruiters
  • And others… best to make an appointment to see if 1099 Accountant is a right fit for you.
Bookkeeping is simply ‘keeping track” of your business transactions both income and expenses. Recording and classifying each transaction to the type of income. Basic bookkeeping functions:
  • Recording financial transactions
  • Processing and posting payroll
  • Posting debits and credits to various journals
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Preparing Financial Statements

Accounting is summarizing and analyzing the reports of the financial transactions.

Examples of Accounting:

  • Providing General Business Advice
  • Financial Planning for Business or Individuals
  • Income Tax Planning, Advising and reporting.
  • Advising on Accounting systems

Income Statement or “Profit & Loss Statement” or P & L is the revenue and expenses over a specific time period. In simple terms, all revenue less all expenses is net income or loss. It is detailed from ordinary operations, extraordinary operations and gains.

A financial statement that lists all assets, liabilities and equity. Assets= Liabilities +Equity.

Assets= resource of value
Liability=an IOU
Equity=the difference between Asset and Liability

We work exclusively with our value partner, Gusto. We can help you transfer to Gusto payroll service. Currently we do not work with other providers because of the cost and lack of ease with their payroll platforms.

1099 Accountant prepares and files Form 1040 and Schedules A, B, C D & E. It is included in majority of plans. See plans.

1099 Accountant prepares and files the appropriate Forms for your business, Form 1120, Form 1120S or 1065?

An IRS notice confirming you have been granted and EIN (Employer Identification Number.) You will need to keep this in your permanent file. It is required to do all banking, payroll and tax filing. DO NOT LOSE. VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT

Per the Internal Revenue Service “Individuals, sole proprietors, partners, and S corporation shareholders, generally have to make estimated tax payments if they expect to owe tax of $1,000 or more when their return is filed.
Corporations generally have to make estimated tax payments if they expect to owe tax of $500 or more when their return is filed.”

The W-9 Form is used to provide your correct Taxpayer Identification Number to the person or company who is required to file and provide an information return. The information on the W-9, Name, Address, Taxpayer ID( Social Security Number or Employment Identification Number) and your business structure. It is used for your 1099 forms.

If you are an independent contractor, freelancer, sole proprietor or Single Member LLC and you are expected to receive $600 in renumeration. Speak to us if you have any questions

A 1099 form is an informational return that reports payments to an individual or company there are a multitude of 1099’s. Most of small business will receive one of the following:

1099-INT Interest Income

1099-NEC Non Employee Compensation

1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income

1099-K reportable payment transactions

A 1099- NEC is Non Employee Compensation.

  • Payments to the payee of at least $600 during the year.
  • Payment to someone who is not your employee(including parts and materials)
  • Payment for services in the course of your trade or business (including government agencies and nonprofit organization) Attorneys-legal fees
  • Payments to an individual, partnership, estate or in some cases a corporation (exception: legal services)

Generally exceptions to the rule is not required to report using a 1099-NEC is payments to a corporation(including a limited liability company(LLC) that is treated as a C or S corporation)

1099 -Misc is miscellaneous income for each person in the course of your busine that you have paid the following during the year:

  • At least $10 in royalties (see the instructions for box 2) or broker payments in lieu of dividends or tax-exempt interest (see the instructions for box 8).
  • At least $600 in:
    • Rents (box 1);
    • Prizes and awards (box 3);
    • Other income payments (box 3);
    • Generally, the cash paid from a notional principal contract to an individual, partnership, or estate (box 3);
    • Any fishing boat proceeds (box 5);
    • Medical and health care payments (box 6);
    • Crop insurance proceeds (box 9);
    • Payments to an attorney (box 10) (see Payments to attorneys, settlements);
    • Section 409A deferrals (box 12); or
    • Nonqualified deferred compensation (box 14).

You must also file Form 1099-MISC for each person from whom you have withheld any federal income tax (report in box 4) under the backup withholding rules regardless of the amount of the payment.

Form 1099-K is a transaction record from third party payment networks. Payment providers such as PayPal, Venmo, Airbnb, Posh, Square, Wise and others fill out the form 1099-K and remit to the IRS.

It follows the $600 threshold the same as the 1099 NEC.

Caution: Can receive double 1099’s for same income, you may have received a 1099 NEC from a payer, however you may have been paid with PayPal from that company so you may receive the same amount in the form of a 1099-K

we will need access your accounting records if already on Quickbooks or Freshbooks. A copy of your last 2 tax returns and your CP575 or EIN from the IRS, articles organization or incorporation if legal entity and some of your time to tell us about your business.

We begin within 1 business day after completion of sign up and onboarding.

We let the day of the month that you are billed and pay for the services rendered. ACH payments and Credit Card payments are automatic and recurring.

Currently we only work with Quickbooks Online and Freshbooks. All of our dedicated Accounting Staff are Certified Pro Advisors and Certified Freshbook Accountants.

Yes, as long as you fall into the parameters of the plan.

There is no penalty and you may terminate the service at anytime. There is no contract. We are confident that you will like and stay with 1099 Accountant for years to come.